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Live Your Life on The Sweet Wings of Love. 

Doux Alas is a Lifestyle. Founded by Lauren Rigau, a hypnotic lover of timeless style, travel, familia, food & finding the beauty in all of life's nooks & crannies. 

In Doux Alas, Lauren creates a space where you will be free to learn to love soaring on your sweet wings -- for an inspired lifestyle. 



Doux Alas was inspired by the sweetest of loves my grandmothers showed me growing up. Having immigrated from Spain a seamstress with just her sewing machine, my Great Grandmother made her voyage to the Americas-- my Great Grandfather followed his dreams in Spain to migrate to the Americas and open small markets, their surname Alas. 

Same could be said for the manner in which their passions define my genetic predisposition for cultivating the beauty for moments that inspire me. For the idea of what love means to me, flies upon the sweet wings of my dreams, here is to hoping you will fly away with Doux Alas

Thank You for joining me on this sweet adventure! 

Be Amazing. Be You.