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Photo-Credit: @DeidhraFahey

Born on the crisp of a Summer moon, Lauren Rigau instantly had a natural gravitas towards entertainment, having pursued endeavors in Acting, Television Hosting, Producing and Writing since she was just a child it all bodes to culminate into the woman she is today. 

Lauren's most passionate quest since graduating with highest honors, from Arizona State University, a degree in U.S. History and Political Science, has been The Y Life, Inc. As Founder and COO of The Y, an Online Magazine streaming daily content geared towards the socially savvy Generation Y. Millennials officially became the largest population in the Summer of 2015, numbering a staggering 83.1 million strong, representing more than 1/4th of the US population. For over three years, Lauren has produced, written and executed exclusive content for The Y Life, from penning interviews with distinguished authors and artists to self-help articles, politics to curving the dilution of violence permeating America and daily life queries- issues intriguing the Millennial Generation are in the prime of her wheelhouse. 

Lauren's most recent accomplishments include Anchor Producing for MSNBC's 'The Rundown' a LIVE daily multi-hour cable news show, where she had the opportunity to grow as a person, by helping to break international news stories and take on the roll of a Multi-Network Liaison. She was also able to hone her producing and writing skills, which she had tapped into as a 'News Apprentice' at CBS News. 

As a child actor Lauren took on roles as a lead in the feature film "The Inner Circle” and “Common Practice” featured in 2006 Sundance Film Festival, "Girl's Room" a Digital Pilot for FOX, Guest- Starring on NBC's “Medium”, Co-Starring on HBO’s "WEED'S" and ABC Family's "The Secret Life of the American Teenager” just to name a few. 

Lauren began pursuing her dreams at the tender age of thirteen, when she along with NBC created a segment called "Teen Talk”, introducing stories that impacted the lives of teenagers’ in South Florida for two years. Subsequently, Lauren began producing and hosting, NBC-6's 'Teen Talk', with guests such as: Pit Bull, Nick and Aaron Carter, Andy Garcia, Nancy O’Dell and Billy Bush, Tennis Star Maria Sharapova, World Renowned Artist, Romero Brito, Gloria and Emilio Estefan, Russell Simmons & Rev Run, N’Sync, Fame's Debbie Allen, Latin Grammy Award Winner Jorge Moreno. 

In addition, Lauren was a guest host for two years on 'J.D. Balart's American Radio Journal' with her nationally aired live segment "Teen Talk" on Fox News Radio, lending some insight to parents on the lives of teenagers.

Lauren is currently penning and awaiting publishing two of her books. 

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